6 Reasons Why Americans are Ditching their Laundry Detergent…

And what they’re now using instead

By Jade M.

Last Updated Feb 7, 2024

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1. Go green (for real).

Those plastic laundry detergent bottles are horrible for the environment.

They’re made from oil and take years to break down. Plus, it takes over 1.5 gallons of water to make a single jug - just to chuck it in the trash or have it end up in the ocean.

And those “biodegradable” pods aren’t any better… they dissolve into microplastics that - you guessed it - wind up back in the ocean.

Thankfully, Osmo Laundry Detergent Sheets are eco-friendly and fully biodegradable. And so is the box they come in. So, they’re green for real.

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2. No more bulky containers and heavy lifting.

Bottles of liquid detergent - and boxes of powder detergent - weigh a ton.

Especially if you have to drag them off to a laundry mat or a friend's house. It’s even worse for older people or people with arthritis. But detergent sheets?

Each one weighs about the same as a nickel. So the detergent for a full day’s laundry weigh practically nothing.

PLUS - they take up virtually zero space in your laundry bag or laundry room.

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3. Stop guessing how much soap you need.

Have you ever looked at a laundry machine and wondered how much detergent you actually need to pour in the little slot?

Or looked at the lines on the detergent caps and wondered if you really have to fill it that full?

Well, it probably won’t surprise you that these giant companies intentionally make their caps huge to encourage you to overuse their product.

On the other hand, with detergent sheets, there’s no guesswork… just grab one sheet for a regular load. Or tear it in half for a smaller load.

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4. Ditch the itch

Has laundry detergent ever made you or someone in your family itch? It’s no wonder. There are thousands of chemicals in detergent. Including cancer-causing chemicals! And many of those harsh chemicals stick to the clothing and remain there even after drying.

Imagine handing your child a shirt or sweater “fresh out of the dryer” - that’s actually covered in toxins. That’s what you’re doing with most liquid and powder detergents.

Pods are the worst. They contain even more chemicals that cause irritation, rashes, and even allergic reactions.

Fortunately, Osmo Laundry Detergent sheets are 100% natural and contain zero chemicals or toxins.

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5. Save money by confidently washing in cold water

If you wash your clothes in hot water… and rinse in warm water… you’re paying around 68 cents a load just to heat the water!

On the other hand, washing in cold water costs about 4 cents. So, it pays to wash your clothes in cold. And cold water is also is better for your clothes since hot water shrinks them and wears down the fabric. Yet most regular detergent only works in warm or hot water?

Even those supposed “cold water detergents” - the list of ingredients is almost identical to the regular versions. That’s why using liquid laundry detergent or pods with cold water will leave your clothes stained and splotchy.

But detergent sheets are different - they dissolve properly in hot or cold water. Which means you may never want to wash in hot water again. You’ll save money on every load. And your clothes will last longer too.

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6. Enzyme action removes toughest stains and odors

Have you ever washed your clothes and been disappointed with the results? That’s because those products contain chemicals, not enzymes.

Enzymes - like the ones in your body - break down proteins, fats, and starches. They’re nature’s little cleaners.

Which is why they’re perfect for breaking down even the toughest stains - oil… grease… grass stains… and more. And they break down odors the same way. Which would you rather have… clothes that just smell clean? Or clothes that actually are clean?

Osmo Laundry Detergent Sheets will leave your clothes cleaner and brighter for longer.

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