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Quality & Trust

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Trusted customer satisfaction and 24/7 customer support. Try it out now risk-free and return it back if you don't like it.

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Claroptix Night Driving Glasses With Innovative Lenses That Reduce Glare & Block Harsh Lights

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• Best price guarantee

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Claroptix Night Driving Glasses Were Unanimiously Voted As The Best Choice of 2023.

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Adam, 59, is a night shift driver and happy user of Claroptix


Wearing night driving glasses can reduce up to 78% glare and keep you safer on the road.

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Thanks to Claroptix's innovative lens technology, it can also block harsh traffic lights and reduce eye fatigue while driving.

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Can be worn over prescription glasses, suitable for any head size and shape, built to last, true to the colors.

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Simply put it on while driving at night and enjoy safer and more comfortable ride.


The quality and effectiveness of Claroptix is regularly independently tested

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Claroptix were founded by ambitious little team whose mission is to provide glare-free driving experience to everyone.

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Award-winning customer support team is ready 7 days a week to assist you.

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$64 for one (bundle of 3) &


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Top 3 reviews from United States

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Adam - 59


Paid Product Tester

They actually work!

I got 3 pairs of these, and put a pair in each of my vehicles. I originally had gotten them for night driving, because the newer headlights have been bothering me when I drive at night. I have had them for over a week now. I love them! No longer getting headaches when driving at night. I also wear them when driving during the day.

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Tom - 57


Paid Product Tester

Long Night Trips Are Now Bearable

I scout basketball games and so I'm on the road a lot after games end. Sometimes a couple of hundred miles between games. With these night driving glasses I can now see faded road markers that were indistinguishable from the pavement on dark country roads. Makes me feel safer and greatly reduces my eye strain.

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Monica - 44


Paid Product Tester

It really helps me in driving especially at night!

I love these and they're so helpful against glare when driving at night. I wear prescription glasses and these fit just fine over them - highly recommend it to anyone who's used to driving at night.

Warranty: 1-year Extended Warranty
Support: 7 days a week, via email and live chat

1 x Claroptix

(4,8) ★★★★★

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1 Pair

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Free shipping in whole US


3 x Claroptix

(4,8) ★★★★★

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3 Pair Pack

Only $64  for pair

Total: Only $192 $297

(You save $105)

Free shipping within US

2 x Claroptix

(4,8) ★★★★★

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2 Pair Pack

Only $79 for pair

Total: Only $158 $198

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Free shipping within US


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3 Pair Pack

Total: Only $192 $297

Only $64  for pair

Free shipping within US.

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2 Pair Pack

Total: Only $158 $198

Only $79 for pair

Free shipping within US

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1 Pair

Total: Only $99 $110

Only $99 

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Product info

There are now thousands of studies on how night driving glasses reduce glare, block harsh lights, and enhance visibility while on the road. 

Many uses report from the first time using:

  • Reduced glare and harsh lights
  • No more eye fatigue
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Feel safer while on the road
  • Enjoyable driving experience


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Extended 1-Year Warranty


If you order the product through this site, we will extend your warranty to 1 year.

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Claroptix were awarded as the #1 top pick by in night driving glasses category.

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4.6/5 stars with verified buyer reviews.

8 Questions Answered

Frequently asked questions about Claroptix

Claroptix are designed to reduce glare and improve visibility during nighttime driving. They have premium anti-glare coatings and innovative tinted lenses to enhance contrast and help you drive safely at night..

Get The Anti-Glare Claroptix Night Driving Glasses To Enjoy In More Comfortable And Safer Drive.

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What's in it for you:

Maximum savings with best price guarantee for the 2023's top rated night driving glasses.

The certainty that independent experts and over 1,488 customers swear by Claroptix.

Extended 1-Year Warranty: So you can try it risk-free.


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Verified review on Jan 26, 2024

I love these glasses. I use them day and night. Anytime I feel a strain on my eyes from glare.



Verified review on Jan 17, 2024

These are some of the best glasses for night driving .



Verified review on Jan 2, 2024

The Claroptix clearly make a positive difference by reducing glare with night driving



Verified review on Dec 27, 2023

My husband is very pleased with these, now of nite driving, will be ordering another pair soon.



Verified review on Dec 20, 2023

Could not believe the difference and improvement for night driving! So glad I found these.



Verified review on Nov 17, 2023

The eyewear is of high quality and has performed as advertised It has remarkably decreased nighttime glare, when worn over my prescription glasses. In addition, I spend a lot of time working on computers during the day, and putting these on to drive home at night always feels very "restful" for my strained eyes. I would recommend to anyone who experiences nighttime glare.

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