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Heated Gloves

Keep your hands warm even under lowest temperatures.

$129 $90

Keep your hands warm 👉

HeatLite V3

Heat your home while saving on utility bills.

$119 $83

Heat your home 👉

Heated Socks

Ensure your toes won't get cold ever again.

$119 $83

Warm feet and toes 👉

Heated Vest

Add an extra layer of warmth when going outside.

$129 $90

Stay warm outside 👉

Osmo Warmers

Cold hands and fingers are now a thing of the past.

$79 $55

Heat your hands instantly 👉

Fleece Blanket

Premium material for extra cozyness

$79 $55

Warm and cozy 👉

Heated Scarf

Innovative product that keeps your neck warm at all times.

$99 $69

Keep neck and face warm 👉


Instantly heat your feet during cold winter days.

$129 $90

No more freezing feet 👉


Keep your delicious food warm for hours.

$99 $69

Tasty & delicious food 👉

Fleeced Leggings

Comfort and warmth combined in one.

$79 $55

Warm leggings 👉

Heated Insoles

Suitable for all shoes and working boots.

$99 $60

Extra heat to footwear 👉

Osmo Heated Hoodie

Warm yourself everywhere you go.

$119 $83

Never cold again 👉

Heated Jacket

Extra layer of warmth anywhere you go.

$129 $90

Stay super warm 👉

Heated Hat

Keep your ears and head away from cold.

$129 $90

Warm ears 👉

Heated Slippers

Your toes will never be cold again.

$129 $90

No freezing toes 👉


Get all Sun benefits even when it's bad weather.

$89 $63

Be In Better Mood 👉